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Online pharmacy in Germany

The Apotheke am Theater ("Pharmacy at the Theatre") is a german pharmacy located in the south of Germany in the city of Freiburg.

On this page you find all important information about placing an order in the webstore of our german online pharmacy.


  • Our online pharmacy has scaled prices. The more you order, the less you pay per piece.
    As reseller company please note our wholesale info page.
  • Labelled prices include german sales tax (VAT). If you are located outside the European Union, you can order tax free. VAT will be automatically subtracted.
  • On import into your country customs taxes may be charged for your account.

Placing an order

  • Please order online, in our online store. You can find all articles with the shop search.
  • The article pages and the order form are also available in english language. You can switch language on the upper right.
  • If you have problems, you can also order via e-mail.
  • Orders by telephone are not possible, sorry.

Shipping costs

We ship worldwide with parcel service DHL. DHL Versand
All shipments are insured and can be tracked.   [complete list of countries / country codes]


  • If order value is 30 Euro or more, shipping is free.
  • Below a value of 30 Euro shipping costs are 3,50 Euro.

   European countries:

  • If your country is located in Europe, shipping costs are 13,90 Euro.

  Other countries (America, Africa, Asia, Australia):

  • Up to a weight of 2 kilogram shipping costs are 32,- Euro.
  • If the parcel's weight is more than 2 kilogram, shipping costs are 32 Euro plus 6 Euro per kilogram. Total shipping costs will be calculated after receipt of your order and before payment.


  • You can pay with bank transfer (giro transfer, wire transfer) or with PayPal.   Paypal
  • Payment with credit card is not yet possible, sorry.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the location of your country in the world.

  • Germany: a few days
  • Europe: 4-7 days
  • Other countries: 1-3 weeks


Orders directly shipped to a non-EU country are always tax-free.

Orders that are shipped to Germany or collected must primarily be priced with VAT. If you export the goods to a non-EU country, we can refund VAT under the following conditions:

  • Contained VAT is 15 Euro minimum, respectively order value is 100 Euro minimum.
  • The customer's residence (invoice recipient) is located in a non-EU country. (Please state complete foreign address as billing address in the order form.)
  • You request a tax-free form with your order, for certification of export by customs.
  • The tax-free form must be stamped by customs and send back to us by post.
  • Please include your bank account details (IBAN + BIC). Refund on a Paypal account is not possible.

Technical requirements / browser settings

  • In order to be able to add products to the shopping cart, your browser must accept cookies. In case the cart remains empty, please check your browser settings whether cookies are enabled.
  • We recommend to enable javascript, for a clear representation and comfortable handling of our online store.